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Ellis Design/Build was formed in 2005 by President Steve Ellis.  Our success can be attributed to Steve’s underlying philosophy when building homes:

  1. Focus on design and craftsmanship.  These are the things that make the home functional and provide a comfortable and appealing home to live in.

  2. Deliver good quality Never cut corners.  Focus on quality not cost.  This provides long-term value for the home owner.

  3. Over communicate That includes both with trade professionals and most importantly with the home owner.  Good communications eliminates errors and ensure the home owner gets what they want.

Holding firm to these values, Ellis Design/Build has taken this approach to Central Oregon and Brasada Ranch where we continue to deliver on the promise of design, craftsmanship, quality and communication.

  “When I came to Brasada Ranch in 2012, I couldn’t believe what I saw.  The home designs were amazing, the views were stunning and the family approach to luxury resort living was very attractive.  I wanted to be a part of this great place.  Since then, I have designed and built homes at Brasada Ranch that I would be proud to live in myself."    


Steve Ellis, President

Ellis Design/Build, Inc.

Steve's broad knowledge of all phases of design and construction provide a unique perspective to ensure your home provides you happiness, memories and a wonderful place to live for many years to come.


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